A Community of Trust, READ THIS FIRST!!

Member Onboarding Application, Rules and Guidelines

Hello and welcome to vPin. Quick fact: There are over 7.2 billion persons living in this world. Because we are building a global community driven by trust and reliability, we take onboarding of new members very serious. As you might have probably guessed, there is a very good reason why vPin is not open to everyone and as such we are mindful of who we let into our community. Every member is subjected to verification and authenticity checks. Apart from ensuring all our new applicants are thoroughly vetted and meet the required conditions for owning and operating a vPin account, our services and programs are futuristic in nature and requires a certain level of cognitive intelligence and intuition to operate and manage. We have outlined a few guidelines below that can set you on the right path to becoming an approved member of our Community. They are as follows:

  • You require a registration code from an existing sponsor with a Minimum Trust Threshold of Tier 5 (MTT5)
  • You will be required to undergo and pass all verification and identity checks
  • Our onboarding fee is $5, non-refundable.
  • 2FA authentication on your account is compulsory and will be switched on by default
  • All Nigerian Applicants, while not compulsory, are expected to own a valid voters card.
  • Upon approval, you will be given a brief comprehensive manual of vPin, you are required to read that manual before performing any actions on vPin.
  • This page is only available on tablets and computers; you cannot see this page on your mobile phones.
  • When you are ready, sign the agreement to your right by completing the steps below.
  • Enter your Registration code below, enter your pre-register phone number next
  • Do not apply any formatting to your phone number, do not use international format, do not include any non-numeric value
  • A valid Registration Code will activate the Phone Field automatically
  • Validate the Phone Field to begin your session

Registration Code
Mobile Phone Number


vPin User Agreement

I -----------------, with sincerity of heart and soundness of mind, do hereby solemnly swear that I shall abide by the Terms and Conditions set forth for owning and operating a vPin Account{LINK HERE}.
I do affirm that the information I have provided to my sponsor, to the best of my abilities are true and valid.
I do understand, willingly agree and consent to the following;
  • That I am 18 years of age or older.
  • That I have completed all obligations required by vPin for pre-registration and subsequently, access to this registration
  • That I understand and promise to abide by the Terms and Conditions for Owning and Operating a vPin account.
  • That I shall by no means attempt to share my vPin Account Privileges with anyone, participate in fraudulent and or other nefarious activities that will negatively impact, vPin, it’s Partners, Staff and Community’s reputation.
  • That I indemnify and do not hold vPin, it’s Partners, Staff and Community liable for any damage that might arise due to my negligence or bridge of this agreement.
  • That I will be fully responsible for and held liable to any damage that might arise due to my negligence or bridge of this agreement.
  • That vPin has the right to deny me service, terminate or suspend my account anytime and without prior notice to me.