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Secured: 12,023,167 / 15
Welcome to vPin Digital Ecosystem... Access to our Community is by Invitation Only! Click "Access Your Account" above to login to your account.... Now Selling: -> 3 Bedroom Duplex, All Rooms En-suite, Trade Type: peer, Location Eligibility: global, Total Slots: 45,000,000 Slots, Total Acquired Slots: 12,023,167 Slots by 15 People. Currently Available Slots: 32,976,833 Slots

vPin Digital Ecosystem

vPin Digital Ecosystem is a collection of high-value programs and applications that improve your lifestyle and grow your assets.
  • Keep track of your family, pet or vehicle with ARGNES Device
  • Create engaging contents that convert with ARGNES Copywrighter
  • Buy and Sell Real Estate shares, share foodstuff with people in your area with vPinSwap
  • Get Household Items and Electronics from automated daily contributions with Household Staking
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Secure your financial details with PayMe

Create a unique code to send and recieve money to and from anywhere in the world, directly into your local bank account

  • Hide your account details from public view
  • Get a 6 digit code to send and receive money globally
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Household Daily Staking

Are you having a difficult time getting your December Food Stuffs sorted? Do you want to beat the hike in costs and be done with all your December food stuff and shopping before the end of November? vPin Household Staking got you covered, setup a daily contribution that is geared towards securing food stuffs and some household Items and electronics

How to Set Up your Daily Contribution

Activate any Household Staking Package that suits you from your vPin Account Dashboard. Each Package contains specific household items and food stuffs that will be delivered to your doorstep before the end of November.


Household Stakers Trust Us

Now Selling

3 Bedroom Duplex, all rooms en-suite. A large space available Only 1/3 of the land has been used 100/50, has Deed of Assignment and Survey Plan

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What is vPinSwap?

vPinSwap is an internal feature of vPin that enables almost anyone above the age of 18 or below 18 ( With a guardian or parental consent) to buy and sell Real Estate Property Shares known as vPin Slots, starting with as low as $1 (NGN500). With vPinSwap you can own property shares (vPin Slots) that pay you annually in any part of the world, from the comfort of your home or workplace. Real Estate is the only investment that appreciates over time and with proper management, it can pay you for life no matter whom you are or where you are in the world. vPinSwap has made it easy for anyone to invest in Real Estate deals across the globe with very little money. The best part about using vPinSwap is that you can start with your left over changes and grow your portfolio across multiple properties to experience a lifetime of financial freedom while you focus on other important aspects of your life.
  • Buy and Sell Real Estate assets from your comfort zone globally
  • Buy property shares with as little as $0.75 and grow your position over time
  • Earn up to 4.5% as a vPinSwap Agent. helping others attain the good life

Who is a vPinSwap Agent?

A vPinSwap Agent is someone who assists members of the general public to buy and sell property shares (vPin Slots). A vPinSwap Agents will help you setup your portfolio and help you fund and manage the slots according to your desired choice of properties you want to invest in. Every vPinSwap Agent has a special terminal with which they can use to register new interested investors, create a portfolio and mange several portfolios under their care. All you have to do is select one or more properties from the available options and decide how much to invest, the vPinSwap Agent does the rest for you.

Becoming a verified member on vPin is the only way you can have access to create and manage your own vPinSwap Portfolio. Due to the rigorous process of becoming a member of vPin community, many individuals will prefer the easy way of allowing a vPinSwap Agent handle and manage their Portfolio especially very busy people, people who aren’t tech savvy or don’t have the time to setup a personal account, Students who are trying to have a side hustle from whatever they can spare without the stress of setting up an account, minors with the consent of a guardian or parent. If you fall into any of the above listed categories, then you need a vPinSwap Agent to participate in this revolutionary life changing solution.

  1. Sell Properties Faster
  2. Real Estate Fraud Elimination
  3. No Middle-Man Business
  4. Property Shares are written in blockchain smart contracts
  5. Ownership Verification made easy via blockchain smart contracts
  6. Buy and Sell Real Estate assets from your comfort zone globally
  7. Buy property shares with as little as N1k and grow your position over time
  8. Fresh farm Products direct from the sources (cheaper)
  9. Collective Food Stuff Buying and Sharing
  10. Earn up to 2% as a Merchant helping others attain the good life

  1. POS Operators
  2. Physical Store Owners
  3. Online Businesses
  4. Students
  5. Neighborhood Pharmacies
  6. Roadside Vendors
  7. Betting Agents
  8. Cab hailing drivers

  1. minimum of 4.5% charge per transaction for up to 10m based on Agent package subscribed
  2. Instant access to life changing real estate deals
  3. Additional Income stream that requires zero setup fees or device procurement
  4. Operate seamlessly alongside any existing business
  5. Contacts Gain and Network Building

  1. Visit vPToken Official Site (
  2. Sign up for a new account
  3. Complete your KYC verification
  4. Select a vPinSwap Agent Package
  5. You will be redirected to your Agent Dashboard
  6. Start helping others create a meaningful life with Real Estate Investments
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ARGNES AI is an advanced Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant. Programmed using Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Neuro Networks. Integrated with Internet of Things and Robotics. ARGNES AI can improve Personal security and performm several other automations.

ARGNES AI is capable of performing a wide range of tasks and activities both a a digital assistant or as one of the most formidable content generator online. Below are some of very few we can list here
  • Article Generator, Product Name Generator, Content Rewriter
  • Blog titles, Blog Ideas, Blog Content (plagiarism 0%)
  • Product description, Social Media posts, ads, captions etc
  • Academic Essays, Creative Story, Video scripts, Text summary
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Are you an online or on-site vendor? Do you want to be a part of our growing ecosystem? Do you offer valuable services in xchange for money? If you are interested in joining us, you can start by creating your own vPin E-Mall for free today. You can also earn vPin Slots when you shop on our marketplace

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From Our Ecosystem

At the heart of our digital Ecosystem, lies its most valuable assets, our unique users. While the programs and applications that makes up our ecosystem are open to the general public, vPin's core portal is not open to the general public and admittance is only through a verified member with a minimum Trust Level Threshold of 5.

These are what they are saying...


Assets Processed


Based on 1,258 reviews

“I'm 18,
I am already sending food stuffs to my family reuglarly and without stress thanks to vPin.”

Anita Godson. / Household Staking vPin Core

“My team has been incredibly impressed with ARGNES AI Copyrighter. Not only does it save time but is has allowwed us to instantly create contents that is professional and engaging. Great Tool for a business of any size”


“My friends and I use PayMe and we are recommending it to people we work with, the simplicity of the process is the best part. We feel safer using our codes instead of repeatedly exposing our bank account details. Highly Recommended"

Bolaji Adelowo. / PayMe PayMe

Meet Our Partners

A special group of unique Brands and Organizations that are supporting the development of our digital ecosystem.

Meet The Team

Gilead Okolonkwo
Chairman, Advisory Board
Richard Obroh
Creative Director
Victoria Kanma
Lead front-end Developer
Oge Okekenwa
Lead Marketer
Alatari Douglas
Lead Technical Support
Pamela Richards
Head of Public Relations
Olajide Rogba
Frequently Asked Question

Some Answered Questions

The vPin Digital Ecosystem is not simply a collection of individual products and services, but a comprehensive system that integrates all aspects of your life into a seamless and cohesive whole. From wealth development to healthcare management, vPin has you covered By leveraging the power of cutting-edge technology.

Yes, all the products and services under vPin Digital Ecosystem are easy enough for anyone to use.

Our primary goal with vPin Digital Ecosystem is to simplify the processes of asset management, financial planning, and personal development for our users, leveraging cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights.

With a focus on innovation, vPin Digital Ecosystem leverages ground-breaking tecnology that improves its overall functionality to stay ahead of the game, providing users with cutting-edge solutions that helps them make better decision that keeps them ahead of their peers/competitors

Only a verified vPin Core member can contact vPin, as a guest, you cannot contact us. Each application under our Ecosystem has its own contact and support system readily accessible to the public

There are two ways to become a vPin Core Member
  1. You will need a vPin Core Member with a Trust Threshold Level of 5 to stand as a guarantor.
  2. Purchase 500vPT and above to receive an invite

By leveraging vPin Digital Ecosystem's cutting-edge investment tools and strategies, you can optimize your portfolio and increase your returns, ultimately growing your assets.

Yes, every program under the vPin Digital Ecosystem comes with its dedicated support system. Live Chat and Ticketing Options

A smart phone or laptop with a good internet connection.

Yes you can.

Yes, there may be additional costs associated with using the vPin Digital Ecosystem, such as fees for premium features or upgraded versions of certain programs. We strive to keep these costs as affordable as possible and will always be transparent about any expenses. While most of the applications in the vPin Digital Ecosystem are free to use, some may have optional in-app purchases or subscription fees for enhanced functionality. Rest assured, we will always provide clear information about any additional costs.